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Run 100 Miles in 1 Month Challenge!

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The next 30 days are going to come and go. Why not challenge yourself to a lofty goal of running 100 miles in the next month? 

Many runners struggle with running consistently. They want to....but then life happens. 

A large part of the problem is that they simply don't set actionable goals and develop a clear path that will lead them to reaching success with that goal. 

The Run 100 Miles in 1 Month Challenge does this for you. It not only gives you a time frame to complete your goal in (1 month) it also gives you a plan (1 month running plan that maps out how many miles you need to run to achieve 100 miles in a month while also staying healthy and injury free) and a visual to hold you accountable (weekly emails and a mileage tracker)!

It all comes down to creating a goal and then committing to it. Once you have committed to the goal (and give yourself no option to opt out of it!) then half of the battle is done! 


✨ gain consistency in your running

✨ sustain or gain running fitness

✨ build a running body that is not susceptible to injuries 

push past a running plateau that might be plaguing you

become a fitter, leaner, & healthier you 

✨ Be less stressed and overwhelmed because running is a natural drug that makes you feel oh, so good! 




Can I do this 100 Mile Challenge as a walker?

Absolutely! This would be a perfect challenge for a walker as well as a runner! I would recommend using the running calendar that only has 3-4 miles scheduled on it for walkers which would mean you would probably be walking for about one hour on the scheduled days.

Do I have to start this 100 Mile Challenge on a specific date?

No, you don't need to begin this Challenge on any fixed date. With the Run 100 Miles in One Month Challenge, you can begin and end your Challenge at any point of time throughout the year!


You Will Receive
  • a PDF printable download
  • 3 different calendars to choose from for your 1 month challenge that will schedule out your 100 miles.
  • 1 calendar that keeps all of your runs at the 3 to 4 mile mark.
  • 1 calendar that has you running up to 6 miles at a time.
  • 1 blank calendar if you wish to map out your own path!
  • A 100 Miles Running Tracker Sheet: check off your miles as you go and visibly see your progress!
  • + access to the encouraging weekly emails as you work through your own challenge
Run 100 Miles in 1 Month Challenge!
Testimonial from runner who did the 100 Miles in 1 Month Challege

Customer Reviews

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I feel GREAT!

I feel GREAT! My body is responding and changing, My energy is better, my skin looks better and running actually motivates me to eat and drink smarter! Today I did 4 and hit the 50 mile mark. I have the rest of the month planned so that my last few days will be 3’s and I can really enjoy them and the accomplishment! This week has been tough but soooo worth it! Thank you again for your responses and the emails and links to follow for questions! You are good at what you do!!! :)