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Quick Win Toolbox: Week Before the Marathon Action Guide

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Don't feel stressed out and overwhelmed by all that you need to do during the week before a marathon!

This comprehensive guide will give you a clear path to take so that you can get to the marathon starting knowing that you did all the right things! 

Because what marathon runner wouldn't want a simplified Action Guide of steps to be taken in order to get to the starting line in a peaceful, happy frame of mind? 

This Action Guide includes:

  • nutrition plans,

  • checklists

  • time saving tips & tricks

  • logistics and race day strategies

  • marathon recovery guidelines

  • + more!

By following this Action Guide you'll be able to optimize your performance, save yourself time and headache, and enjoy staying in the moment without worrying about what you might have forgotten!   💪

This guide is included in the Run Your First Marathon Training Program

You Will Receive

✅ A comprehensive guide to preparing for a marathon, covering all aspects of the week leading up to the race and beyond

✅ A detailed to-do checklist for the week before the marathon, ensuring you don't forget any important tasks

✅ A logistics plan to help you organize all the details of getting to and from the race, including transportation, accommodation, and parking

✅ A packing list to ensure you have all the necessary items for the race, from your running gear to your recovery tools

✅ Nutrition guidelines for the week before the marathon, including what foods to eat and when to eat them to optimize performance

✅ A 2-step carbo-loading plan with guidelines to follow, as well as carbo-loading log sheets to track your progress

✅ Pre-race meal guidelines to ensure you're fueling properly without upsetting your stomach

✅ A customizable pre-race meal menu to help you plan your meals leading up to the race

✅ A day-before-the-marathon checklist to ensure you don't forget anything important in the final hours before the race

✅ A race day strategy to help you stay focused and perform your best during the marathon

✅ A race day checklist to ensure you have everything you need on race day

✅ Tips for during the marathon to help you stay motivated and overcome challenges

✅ Guidance on what to do immediately following the race to optimize your recovery

✅ A recovery week strategy to help you bounce back from the marathon and avoid injury

✅ Nutritional guidance for the post-marathon period to help you refuel and rebuild

✅ A recovery plan for the first 24 hours after the race to help you start the recovery process right away

✅ Recommendations for things to do before you go to sleep the first night after the race to ensure a smooth recovery

✅ Guidance on how to continue your recovery throughout the first week post-marathon

✅ Recommendations for when you can start running again and how to determine when your recovery cycle is complete

✅ A reflection exercise to help you process your marathon experience and set goals for future races.

Quick Win Toolbox: Week Before the Marathon Action Guide

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